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It's totally free to download CameraWare. Yep, we think that's pretty cool too! Below are the simple download and installation instructions.

Questions? Click here for our FAQ and email support information.

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Download CameraWare

The latest version of the CameraWare Standalone Viewer is 4.68.
The latest version of the CameraWare Video Sender is 4.68.

The CameraWare Installer program cw_install.exe installs 2 programs:

The CameraWare Video Sender - free to broadcast live webcam video. To unlock all features requires a CameraWare License.
The CameraWare Standalone Viewer - requires a CameraWare License to run.

  1. When the download begins, you will see a window similar to this one:

    Click on Run. The file will download.

  2. When the file has downloaded, you will see the following prompt:

    Click on Run to install CameraWare.

  3. Read the License Agreement in the first installation window.

    Click on Yes.

  4. Click on Next in the CameraWare Setup Instructions window.

  5. We recommend you leave the default setup folder location as is in the next window - c:\cameraware:

  6. The Setup Complete window will appear. To complete the setup, click on Finish.

    Leave the check beside Start Broadcasting to run the CameraWare Video Sender program and broadcast LIVE with your webcam to the world right away! Enjoy :-)

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