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CameraWare Webmasters FAQ

Q. Can I really place CameraWare's free viewers on my own Web site for FREE?
A. Yes! Please see our Webmasters Page.

Q. I've pasted the HTML code for the free viewer into my webpage. How can I disable the other incoming video feeds except the ones I want in my community?
A. See CameraWare Viewer - For Specific Community Cameras on our Webmasters Page. It is an example of how to select which cameras you want showing only your Community.

Q. What is the correct link to put on my webpage for visitors to download CameraWare?
A. Use

Q. What if I want only my cam to show up in the viewer that I paste into my website?
A. You can do that too! Go to our Webmasters Page and look for 1 CameraWare Viewer - Private Camera.
A CameraWare License is required to use the Private Category feature in the CameraWare Video Sender.

Q. Can I choose to have only a specific broadcasting category showing in the viewing applet on my website?
A. Yes. All different variations of our CameraWare applet codes can be found at our Webmasters Page.

Q. When I login to the CameraWare Video Sender and place a checkmark in the Closed Community checkbox, I am asked for a License Key. Why?
A. A CameraWare License is required to broadcast any images into a Closed Community.

Q. Can I get a chatroom to put on my CameraWare Community viewing site just like the ones I've seen in other community sites?
A. Yes! Email us with the following information:

  • Subject: New CameraWare Chatroom
  • Chatroom name
  • The exact website address (URL) of your CameraWare webpage.

Spaces and special characters are not allowed when creating chatroom names. Underscores "_" and dashes "-" are acceptable. We recommend names that consist of a single word.

Please submit your chatroom application when your webpage is up and running with the CameraWare free viewer code pasted into it. Within approximately 2 days you will receive an e-mailed reply with the HTML code to insert into your page to have your own chatroom on our server.

Q. How can I password-protect my webpage that has the CameraWare viewing applet on it?
A. Since Web hosting services vary in their methods, you must contact your hosting service to find out how to password-protect your webpages.

Q. I have created a non-adult CameraWare community site. How do I remove the adult banner ads from the free CameraWare viewer?
A. Go to our Webmasters Page, and see example #11. This is the viewer code that illustrates how to remove the adult banners from the free viewer.

Q. When I paste the HTML code for your viewer into my website, why does it show only the text on my Web page and not the viewer?
A. If you are using site builder software to create your site, be very careful to choose Insert HTML instead of Insert Text when you paste in the HTML viewer code. When you choose the Insert HTML option to paste the code in using your software, it will show up correctly as a CameraWare viewing applet!

Q. How do I get my site listed on your CameraWare Community Site page now that I've completed it?
A. To have your new CameraWare Community added to our CameraWare Community Site listing, please e-mail with the subject line: "New CameraWare Community". In the body of the e-mail, include the exact URL of the community page, and a brief description of your community. We will check it out, and as long as the CameraWare viewers and chat are free, we will add you to our list! We'll email you when it's been done.

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