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Free Content for Webmasters - Create Your Own CameraWare Community

Add free live webcam broadcasts to your website with CameraWare! For webmasters who add CameraWare to their site, we are happy to make a free chatroom for you (hosted on our server). You can promote your CameraWare Community by having us list it on our community site list. And we have a CameraWare webring that you can join. All FREE! Sweet!

Oh yeah, if you create your own CameraWare Community and get it listed in our directory, we'll send you a free CameraWare License so you can test drive all the features of CameraWare. Uh-huh :)

  • First, you will need a website. There are tons of services that offer everything you need, from registering your domain name, to creating and hosting your whole site. You can also do a search on your favorite search engine to find free hosting services. We can't help you with that part. But the rest is a snap!

  • Copy and paste the free adult content CameraWare viewer code shown below into your web page.

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function changeCategory(cname)

    <td width=476 valign="top" align=center>
    <applet code="CameraWare.class"
    <param name="category" value="all">

    <div align="left"><a href="" target="_blank">
    <img src=""
    alt="CameraWare Home Page" border=0>CameraWare</a></div>

    <td width=420 align=center valign=top>
    <script language="Javascript"

    <input type=button value='Male'
    onclick="changeCategory ('male')">
    <input type=button value='Female'
    <input type=button value='Couples'
    <input type=button value='Places'
    <input type=button value='Things'
    <input type=button value='All'

    For more groovy CameraWare viewer code options, see our Webmasters page.

  • Place a chatroom on the same webpage as the CameraWare viewer. To get a FREE CHATROOM hosted by us, send an email with the following info:

    • Subject Line: New CameraWare Chatroom.
    • In the email body, include the chatroom name that you want. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in chatroom names, and the name has to start with a letter. Underscores and dashes are cool to use.
    • Also tell us the exact URL of your new CameraWare Community. We will verify that you have the free CameraWare viewer embedded into your webpage before we create the chatroom.

  • Give us about 2 days to make your new chatroom. We'll email you back with the HTML code that you'll use to create your new chatroom. Yes, it's that easy!

That's it... once you have the free CameraWare viewer and a chatroom on a webpage, you've got your very own CameraWare Community site! Congratulations. Now you just have to promote it :-)

To get you started, we can list your new CameraWare Community viewing site on our CameraWare Community Directory. Your site must have the CameraWare viewer(s) and free chatroom on the same webpage, and be easy & free for your visitors to access. If there is illegal content, spyware, viruses or crazy pop-ups, we will not list your site.

Additionally, if you use web tricks to hide the banner ads and viewer text on the free viewers in your webpages, we won't list you then either. We ask that you, in keeping with the FUN spirit of CameraWare, display the free applets exactly as they were intended.

To get listed:

  • Send an email to us.

  • Subject line: New CameraWare Community

  • Tell us the following about your new CameraWare Community site:

    • Community Name
    • Exact URL (website address)
    • A brief description of your community. For ideas, see our sites listing. If you have a site geared towards a language other than English (French, Italian, etc.) you can email us with the description in your own language.

    We'll email you back within a few days letting you know that your new site has been listed and to check it out. If you need changes to your listing made at anytime, email us with all the details. We'll take care of it for you!

The very best way to promote your new CameraWare Community is to be on camera and active in your chatroom! Be sure to type your new CameraWare Community viewing site URL inside the CameraWare Video Sender text area so viewers know how to find your chatroom. Type the name of your community into the Community field of the video sender login screen.

We're here for you. If you need support, check our FAQ first. This will save us all time =). If you still have questions, email us. We appreciate your patience while we respond, and will do the best we can to assist you.

Enjoy CameraWare with us!

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